• Live Teachings

    Get equipped for missions by leaders like Heidi Baker, Rolland Baker, Teyo Hiyashi, Eric Johnson, Andy Byrd, Lyle Phillips, and more!

  • Interactive Sessions

    Interact with instructors via live Q&A sessions and connect with other classmates on discussion boards.

  • Activations

    Be activated in supernatural missions ministry through impartation during live sessions.

  • On Demand Access

    Can't make the live lesson? Catch all teachings on-demand anytime. You'll have access to these lessons indefinitely.

  • Books Included

    When you sign up, you'll receive Training for the Harvest by Heidi & Rolland Baker as well as Keeping the Fire by Rolland Baker.*

Classes Start September 21

The first day of online classes is just around the corner! Lessons start September 21st at 2pm PT. Live lessons will air Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 8 weeks. Tuesday & Thursdays are dedicated to readings out of the Training for the Harvest Manual.

Course curriculum

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    Missions Training Course

    • Course Introduction & Preview

    • How-to Videos

    • Lesson 1: Will Hart

    • Reading: Jesus is Our Goal by Rolland Baker

    • Lesson 2: Dr. Heidi Baker

    • Reading & Zoom Discussion: The Centrality of the Cross by Rolland Baker

    • Lesson 3: Herbert Barbutti

    • Lesson 4: Will Hart / Liz Gliem

    • Reading: Friendship with God by Heidi Baker

    • Lesson 5: Surprise Sithole

    • Reading & Zoom Discussion: The Sovereignty of God by Rolland Baker

    • Lesson 6: David Wagner

    • Lesson 7: Dr. Randy Clark

    • Reading: Identity by Heidi Baker

    • Lesson 8: Dr. Heidi Baker

    • Reading & Zoom Discussion: Identity by Individuality by Heidi Baker

    • Lesson 9: Lyle Phillips

    • Lesson 10: Herbert Barbutti

    • Reading: Overshadowed by His Presence by Heidi Baker

    • Lesson 11: Amy Lancaster

    • Reading & Zoom Discussion: Joy by Rolland Baker

    • Lesson 12: Teo Hayashi

    • Lesson 13: Will Hart

    • Reading: A Yielded Life & Undivided Heart by Rolland Baker

    • Lesson 14: Dr. Heidi Baker

    • Reading & Zoom Discussion: True Holiness by Rolland Baker

    • Lesson 15: Q&A Will Hart, Herbert Barbutti

    • Lesson 16: Marcus and Mariana Liotta

    • Reading: Tenderness & Compassion by Heidi Baker

    • Lesson 17:Musy Hart

    • Reading & Zoom Discussion: Work from a Place of Rest by Rolland Baker

    • Lesson 18: Emelyn Hart

    • Lesson 19: Andrew Fanstone

    • Reading: Contend for God’s Will & Direction by Heidi Baker

    • Lesson 20: Will Hart

    • Reading & Zoom Discussion: Lay Down Your Life by Rolland Baker

    • Lesson 21: Kurt Wilson

    • Lesson 22: Dr. Rolland Baker

    • Reading: Lovers of Jesus by Rolland Baker

    • Lesson 23: Nic Billman

    • Reading & Zoom Discussion: Living in the River by Heidi Baker

    • Lesson 24: Heidi Baker


Heidi Baker, Teo Hiyashi, Dr. Randy Clark, Eric Johnson, Rolland Baker, Lyle Phillips, Surprise Sithole, Will Hart, Liz Gliem, and more!

Course Materials

Training for the Harvest

Rolland & Heidi Baker

Keeping the Fire

Rolland Baker

Classes Start September 21

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*Due to licensing, we are unable to provide a digital copy of Training for Harvest to international students. However, you can purchase the digital version online here


  • What if I'm in a different time zone and can't watch the lessons live?

    The sessions are recorded and made available on-demand to watch after it airs. These recordings include worship and Q&A's.

  • When do I get my books?

    Books will be mailed 1-2 weeks prior to the class start date.

  • How long are the live lessons?

    The lessons are scheduled to last 1.5 hours. The first 30 minutes of the lesson is dedicated to live worship. The hour that follows is the speaking/teaching portion of the lesson. Although we try to keep this portion to an hour, we can sometimes go long.

  • Do I get books if I live outside of the U.S.?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to ship books internationally. We offer a digital version of Keeping the Fire by Rolland Baker to international students that we'll email out 1-2 weeks prior to the course start date. Due to licensing, we are unable to provide a digital copy of Training for Harvest to international students. However, you can purchase the digital version online for $10 USD.

  • Will I get to interact with the instructors?

    Yes. Most Lessons (not all) include a time of Q&A at the end. You can submit your questions for these via the Zoom Meeting chat.

  • How do I watch the sessions live?

    You'll need to sign-in to the thinkific website and go to My Dashboard> My Courses > Lesson # you're looking for. The Zoom link will be posted within the lesson - this link will allow you to join the class live. If the lesson has already happened, there will be a video of that lesson posted that you can go back and watch.  

  • Are there required readings or homework?

    There are weekly readings, but nothing is required. You'll get out of this course what you put into it.

  • Can I watch with a friend or a group?

    Yes. We ask that you limit the viewing to your immediate household.

  • What if I can't afford the class?

    Limited scholarships are available for the the Missions Training Course. Please email us for consideration.